Fair Housekeeping

9-15 october, is a week of action to promote dignity for hotel housekeepers. It is an international campaign to draw attention to the unfair working conditions and environment for hotel housekeepers all over the world. In Sweden the campaign is called “Schysta Städvillkor” and in English it is called “Fair Housekeeping”.


As a part of the campaign we, the Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union (HRF), will send out a survey among housekeepers working in Sweden. We want to know about the conditions at your workplace. Your answers in the survey are anonymous.

Your answers will let us know what you experience as work related problems at your workplace and how we as a trade union can help to improve your working conditions. The survey is then compiled in a report.

Report from 2016

Our last report is based on the answers from the survey in 2016.

Read the report here (in swedish).

Follow the campaign in Social media

You can follow and be a part of the campaign in social media. Use the hashtag #schystastädvillkor and #fairhousekeeping.

At HRF facebook page and the international facebook page you can follow and share the content of the campaign.

Let’s make a difference together!